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Do you feel like you may never experience the truest and best version of yourself? Do you long to be free of the shackles that are preventing you from living your life to the absolute fullest?

Welcome to Wisdom Within

Hello, I am Kerry, and I created Wisdom Within after my own health and wellness fell to despairing levels, where it really did become a matter of life or death for me. After trying many allopathic ways, naturopathic ways and more I began to become aware of gifts and talents I never knew I had. With those natural gifts and talents I began to repair body, mind and spirit, and very quickly realised this is the Truth of who I am and why I am here. And so Wisdom Within was born. To help others recover from their illness, disease, pain and suffering, loss or limitation. 

I know that we are more than we have been led to believe. That we are layered energies existing outside of time and space. That illness and disease reside within this Wholeness and that by looking at ourselves in a new light, recovery from more or less all illness and disease can take place. If you are willing to participate, to become your own healer, to follow all guidance given, you really can have the full recovery you desire, even from the lowest of ebbs.

Read on to find out more about me and my journey here. 



How I Work With Energy

We are truly limitless beings, and yet we have been constrained and indoctrinated by our own limiting beliefs and the control systems around us which have been present since birth. We are much more than we have ever been allowed to learn or know.

We are taught that ‘we’ are our thinking minds and society teaches us that progression of the thinking mind through training, education, progressive career, money and material gain is the key to success.

This dogma disconnects us from our innate truth and power.

The truth is that we are in fact our own healers with the ability to navigate life with ease. Life can be much simpler than we ever imagined. The power is and always has been within us, but we have simply forgotten how to access it.

I will help you unlock your truth and power to release past trauma, toxic patterns and behaviours.

Soul Healing, Consciousness Coaching & Shamanic Journeying

Despite this training and dogmatic over reliance on external medical resources, you can recover from illness and disease yourself, creating the life you desire at the same time. You can journey through your infinite stream of consciousness to identify your blocks, barriers and the repetitive cycles of pain and suffering you have experienced.

To do this, to understand and embody true healing, we must first know that we are so much more than our physical mass. We are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted layers of energy, encompassing all that we presently are ever have been and will ever be

Anything that ever caused us pain, in any iteration of life becomes trapped within our infinite stream of consciousness, like a mass of energetic imprinting. This compromises our current physical and infinite body.  What causes disruption in the physical in one lifetime will also have a knock-on affect in the next. This is why journeying through consciousness is often the only real way to permanently liberate us from chronic unwellness.

A pattern of chronic disease and illness is often repeated across many lifetimes and generations. You can break this pattern, heal trauma, adopt new behaviour and break cycles of toxicity and negativity.

I use a comprehensive tool kit of attunements, energy treatments, nutritional support, meditation, dream journeying, mindful awareness, behaviour change and neural pathway reformation to repair the physical body in this and all future lifetimes which brings you into a state of pure health and wellness for life.

Find out more on Wisdom Within's Recovery Programme here. 

Wisdom Within Is Without Boundary

Wisdom Within knows no bounds, and neither do you. Whilst I am based in both London and Dundee UK, I work globally with clients across all continents. We work via Zoom, meet weekly or bi-weekly and chat in between on Signal.

If you would like to be liberated from the shackles of ill health, please book your complimentary consultation today here.

I had never had energy work before but decided to try it after having tried medications and counselling for my depression and anxiety. After only a few sessions with Kerry I am amazed at how much my depression has lifted and I am no longer held back by anxiety. I would definitely recommend treatment with Kerry to anyone.


I am amazed at how much better I feel, a lifetime of depression is gone, anxiety and fear a thing of the past, and as a truly amazing side effect the physical pain and discomfort I was in is also completely gone - no more neck brace! I would definitely recommend Kerry and Enlightened Life to anyone, it has given me my life back


Really restorative! Kerry uncovered a lot of current and deeper causes for the way I felt and helped me achieve a much greater sense of self-awareness and clarity. Give it a go!!


Kerry has made significant progress with my lower back and neck pain. The sessions have been undertaken in a wonderful relaxing environment and Kerry is a very warm and responsive practitioner. Highly recommend!


I have seen Kerry 3 times, and every time has been even more powerful than the last. She has managed to uncover issues in all areas of my life that I didn’t even know where there, so I could finally address them and shed the weight. 10/10!


I was really sceptical about this energy / spiritual stuff, but I was surprised how relaxed I felt after my session with Kerry and have continued to go back as per her treatment plan suggestion. Would recommend anyone to give it a go


Treatment with Kerry is amazing, it's like learning your own internal gossip, that you had no idea was there!

Scarlett, 16