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Welcome to my blog, which is a smorgasbord of health and wellness tips, hacks, education and food, movement, breathe & mindfulness techniques and tools.

Please take what resonates with you, read what interests you or contact me if you would like to know more about anything I have written about, me or how I work.

Much love and light, always
Enlightened Life xxx 


Creating an Anxiety Free Life

Like most other illnesses, anxiety is rooted firmly in negative emotional energies and a negative storyline we carry throughout life. A storyline that offers us suspicion, fear, worry, panic, concern over who we are, how we are seen, judged, viewed, conceptualised by the outside world.

Conditioned to fear being ourselves

In its simplest way, anxiety is a fear of being ourselves, of being truly seen, a vulnerability we are conditioned to believe to be weakness. And through this falsehood or weakness and insecurity, the perfect conditions for worry, fear and panic to grow further and further within us brings with it the very real opportunity to grow into the type of person who was once vibrant and open and loud, boisterous even, fun, to one that struggles to leave home, entering into the public domain at great risk of anxiety or panic attack striking.

But is this a normal response to stress or a self-induced state of fear over how the world outside perceives us? And if it is the latter, why does what anyone else thinks of you affect you in this way? Because the narrative playing out over and over in your conscious or subconscious minds (or both) is one of fear. Fear of judgment, of ridicule, of looking foolish, of being noticed, standing out, saying the wrong thing, being laughed at, and so on it goes, the storyline of our life looping over.

Often this comes packaged with an air of arrogance, of self-importance, ego showing the world ‘I’m OK, I can do this, I don’t fear anything or anyone’. And this can work for a while, the self-talk being dampened by ego, but at some point, even ego isn’t enough to sustain the physical damage to the body and the impact on the endocrine system, and specifically the adrenal and hormone secretory glands. Self-talk is harmful in so many ways but none more so than on the sensitive endocrine system. This system is built for the function of safety, protection, fight or flight, rest and digest. It is designed to respond to danger no matter the proportional threat that danger brings along with it. Big or small the reactions of the sympathetic nervous system are the same. These reactions, when in a normal protection versus danger situation would be fleeting, temporary, this is what the endocrine, nervous and immune functions are designed for, temporary threat. But when the threat appears to be consistent, everywhere, all around us, the impact on these delicate and vitally important functions deteriorates rapidly to the point of threat being your constant perception and that of these functions, and this is where anxiety comes from, the constant belief that threat is imminent and in this modern day and age that threat can be something as simple as popping down to M&S for the groceries.

Why evolutionary fight or flight became so embedded in modern day life

In times when threat and danger were possible, life was simple. We hunted, ate (and later) cooked, slept and reproduced and that was more or less it. Today, we work, live busy active social lives, are bombarded with messages of what we should look like, act like, think like, we’re bullied, abused, attacked, cyber bullying takes this to a whole new level each and every day, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. We are overloaded with choice and our sensory perception responds with the notion of threat and danger. When we add how our early years life affects our growth and development (from a really young age), the belief systems our environment and upbringing embed into us, the storyline that creates within us, the very true and real fear of being ourselves, of being seen for being ourselves and for putting ourselves out there only to be picked on, bullied or rejected in some way becomes the core threat or danger in our life. And it is this threat or danger the body responds to, as without the context to relate ‘danger’ to, how would it possibly know the danger was fallacy over fact, how I perceive myself to be in the world, worry about being judged over worry about being eaten alive by a sabre tooth tiger? How would it know that pumping consistently high levels of adrenalin, cortisol, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin into it would eventually eradicate the health and wellness of the body before the bullying did, and where judgement won't? It can’t, and so adrenal fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks and more soon come easily.

Flip the script

What is the solution? There is a process to this, a journey one must embark upon and once cleansed of the negative emotional energies from both early years life and all else picked up along the road of life as those conditionings became triggered repeatedly, there is one more tool to use to keep your mindset, your energy fields, your thoughts and behaviours of a healthful nature. It is so simple you may struggle to believe me but all you have to do is change the narrative. Flip the script. Stop telling yourself you're frightened of being yourself, in whatever words that narrative comes to you in, stop telling yourself you are useless, not good enough, too weak, too sensitive (a very big key word for the adrenals to respond negatively to). Stop telling yourself life would be so much easier if you never had to go out again – as what do these words tell this highly sophisticated but contextual-less function of protection? That outside is threat, danger, 'tiger', and that will be your experience each and every day, the physiological experience of a tiger coming to eat you alive.

Key words to affect change quickly

  • 'I am so sensitive', in a way that brings negative connotations as the emotional tone of the thought is also key. If you are using it to put yourself down, berate yourself or label yourself then it is the single most dangerous word to use against yourself. This one word impacts your endocrine system as a whole, specifically the adrenals, pituitary gland, hormone balance and autonomic nervous system like no other word will. Stop using it immediately.  

  • Words of ‘victimhood’. Why me, who else feels like this, I don’t see anyone else feeling like this, why is it always me, why can’t I just be normal, I’m the worst, why can’t I just be well / happy / insert word of choice. Anything at all that tells the body you are the victim. As a victim, your body will try to protect you with more threat response. 

  • Words of a 'self-blame' nature. It’s all my fault, I’m so silly, I should be able to do this, it’s my fault I can’t, only I can help myself, there’s no one to blame but me, and so on. Self-blame tells the body you are victim once more, that threat is all around you as to blame is to trigger a time in the past when you were in some kind of threat or danger - to a young child, being punished or told off for something causes them to be believe they are at fault, they are to blame, and that this action they are being punished for will result in their overall safety being threatened (love of parent lost. There is more on this in Mind Body Connection What is Emotional Energy post).

  • And finally for this short blog, words of a type that make you feel inadequate, undermined, foolish, futile, as these are all evolutionary words for, ‘I’m not good enough’ and a body that believes itself to be not good enough will always worry and panic over being seen for being who it truly is; ‘me’, ‘I’, you. 

If you keep a journal, read back through it and notice how many times words, phrases or thoughts of a type that relate to the 4 points above are in there. These are your words, your writings, your thoughts and behaviours and so if you wish to be free of anxiety for good, please, flip the script.

I offer 30-minute consultations to talk through your narrative, what it is and how deep it’s affecting your protection mechanism. If this is something you wish to explore, please do reach out to book.


Peace and love

Enlightened Life xxx

The Learning’s I’ve Had From My Time With Lyme

Having suffered at the hands of Lyme Disease myself for many years, and now having worked with many beautiful people to heal them from all that was causing them to hold onto disease and infection, I’ve learned quite a few traits of Lyme Disease. First and foremost was through my own epiphany moment that Lyme is an emotional disease. With 75% or so of the global population having Lyme in them, and only 1-2% of them going on to develop chronic Lyme Disease, there has to be something in those of us that develop it chronically versus those that don’t…and that is emotional energies of (mainly) an anger nature. Anger at our parents, our childhood, our environment, the ‘world’ in which we came into this lifetime – world being all that we first knew upon birthing into this realm. 

The 'father' component

Next on the ‘top impacts’ list is ‘father’ energy. Our fathers have a great role to play in the development of whether a simple insect bite turns into a lifelong battle of lethargy, exhaustion, pain and symptom or whether it’s just another bacterium in the many bugs living within our body's. A father who is abusive on any level of the spectrum; whether it be the aggressor of the two parents, the authoritarian, the bully or the physical abuser, it makes little to no difference the severity of violence from the man we all love in our own special way. The energy of that abuse and rejection weighs heavily upon our energy field and centres, starting first at the heart and then working its way down to our gut – our liver mainly where it joins anger for the ride of our life once the final bite of most impact takes place. The gut is our solar plexus and a father who rejects us, who can’t offer us unconditional love, support or a feeling of safety can only cause degradation to the seat of our confidence, self-worth and value, not to mention integrity, and this is the main reason why the insect / tick bite, when it happens, happens with such force that we are floored by its impact at some point later in life. 

The esoteric component 

Why later in life? Because at first Lyme goes unnoticed. We don’t develop symptoms, in most cases, until many years after the first bite (there is always more than one instance, as Lyme is so prevalent now that it is impossible not to be infected many times in a lifetime) then when we do, the energies of low self-worth and value, of low self-confidence, or rejection, of a power struggle happening within our esoteric energies of Divine Feminine and Masculine – the Feminine wishing to be seen and heard, loved and protected, and the Masculine wishing to protect in a stoney, obstinate way, with such force and might that no one can ever hurt or reject us again. It is this battle more than anything that takes us by the energetic short and curlies, and once there Lyme takes it’s hold, causing degradation of liver first, then gut, then intestines, colon, womb / testes, endocrine system and finally immune system – contrary to popular belief that the immune system would have to have been hit hardest earliest. Not at all, the immune system is built to withstand an onslaught far greater than an infection and its cohorts can alone bring to us (although it is worth stating at this point that nothing is this linear, and whilst the bugs alone could not wreak havoc on our immune system, what came before had already started the degradation of our immune systems, long before Lyme was ever part of our makeup).

Found in the fossils of dinosaurs 

Why does this all over body degradation happen in this order? Because the gut is the seat of our energy bank, the vast reservoir of energy that fuels us through life, and if we are thick with negative emotional energies, weak and exhausted, lethargic and sluggish, the energy within us is ripe, toxic and exactly what Lyme and it’s cohorts desire more than anything else. And so a bacteria that could have caused little to no harm at all suddenly takes us down organ by organ, system by system, cell by cell, until we are so weak and lethargic nothing our body or modern day medicine can do to help. Antibiotics don’t touch the oldest bacteria on the planet – it’s been found in the fossils of dinosaurs but was here before that, so what on earth can a 300-year-old modern day medicine teach it that it doesn’t already know? Herbs, infrared saunas and so many more natural ways of treating it are very often ineffective too but then t’s survived more planet evolutions than humans ever will and so these things will only hold it at bay temporarily and even then, the die off alone is enough to put most people off trying – another one of its evolutionary tricks to keep you bound to it, unwilling to try to get free of it for fear of the toxicity that doing so floods the body with. What else have I learned during my time with Lyme? Food is it's main goal. The toxic energies of negative emotional energies being it's favourite, followed by the toxic energies of body dysfunction. Here are just a few of it's favourite things:

  1. Energies of digestive dysfunction and disorder
  2. Energies of ‘lack’, of any nature, lack of love, worth, value, belief…
  3. Energies of the mucosal family of micro-organisms, Lyme loves to live in mucus!
  4. Energies of pancreatic dysfunction
  5. Of gallbladder dysfunction
  6. Of spleen dysfunction
  7. And it will do all it can to ensure this perfect storm of an environment is guaranteed, such as inviting its friends in to the party too – co-infections anyone?!

To find out How I Work I invite you to read more here. Of if you would prefer to chat you can contact me here. 

Lyme Disease is one mean, tough, hard-nosed *&%£$ and it will deplete you until there is little left to deplete. If you would like to learn more about how I work to heal, cure and repair body and mind from this awful disease, returning health and wellness, joy and happiness, vitality and energy to your body, mind and spirit, please do reach out for a free 30-minute consultation. You don’t have to be spiritual at all for this to work, you just have to have a willingness to be well that is great than your willingness to remain unwell. 

With love

Enlightened Life xxx

Warm Roast Salad

I absolutely love a warm roast veg salad and this one packs so much punch that you will not only fall in love with the taste but also with the effects it has on the body. 

Fennel is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables there is. It is packed with so much goodness it really does take my breath away.Polyphenols, flavonoids and antimicrobial properties make it immune boosting, energy boosting and makes it a great addition to a adrenal fatigue diet. It aids in better digestion, boosts gut microbiome levels and improves overall thyroid health. It really is one mean, delicious tasting superfood. 

Beetroot is yet another contender for superfood as it too is packed full of much of the goodness I've mentioned above in terms of immune, thyroid and adrenal support. Beetroot also aids better heart health, but please do go easy with it if you are in the throws of gut repair as beetroot contains many compounds that affect gut health. If your gut is really weak beetroot will be too overpowering for it and so make sure you use it during times of better or good gut health only. 

Sweet potato is a beautiful complex carb, soluble fibre and is packed full of Vitamin C and so much more, and courgette is immune boosting and adrenal supporting and then kale is so rich in Vitamin B's, C and K not to mention manganese and so much more.   



  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Beetroot cut into chunks
  • Sweet potato cut into chunks
  • Courgette cut into discs
  • Fennel cut into slices
  • Kale
  • Grated carrot
  • Activated almonds / red skin nuts (organic)
  • Mixed seeds
  • Coconut amino’s *
  • Cous cous or buckwheat



Pre heat the oven to gas mark 6. Prep your vegetables. When ready, pop the beetroot and sweet potato into a roasting pan and coat in the oil. Add pink Himalayan salt, shake well and pop in the oven to roast for roughly 10 minutes. Add the courgette and fennel, coating in the hot oil and roast for a further 10 - 15 minutes. Whilst they are roasting steam the kale with some pink Himalayan salt.

When it’s all cooked put the kale in the bottom of a bowled dish followed by your grain of choice. Then, pile up your warm components, adding the beetroot, fennel, courgette, and sweet potato before adding the cold components of grated carrot and, if you are able to eat them, the nuts and seeds. When all done, again assuming you are OK to eat it, drizzle some lovely coconut amino’s all over the top and enjoy. 

You'll find a link of to where to buy intolerance friendly Coconut Amino's in Kitchen Essentials.

Creamy Spicy Thai Style Soup

The reason I've called this creamy 'thai style' soup is because the combination of fennel and parsnip gives this a beautiful Thai style flavour. Bizarrely and yet oh so deliciously. 

This soup is packed full of punch, as always. It helps with improved digestion, immune function and adrenal fatigue. 

Parsnips are nutrient packed; they aid better immune function and as a good example of complex carb they also aid and improve better digestion. They also support the adrenals given their standing as a complex carb and good example of a soluble fibre. 

Fennel is yet another nutrient dense food that contains polyphenols, flavonoids and antimicrobial properties. It is literally a powerhouse of good nutrition and aids adrenal fatigue again due to it's standing as a soluble fibre of the highest order. 

And then there are the usual suspects for good immune and endocrine health, carrot, garlic and spring onions. 



  • Naturli butter
  • Big glug of good quality extra virgin olive oil *
  • Garlic, minced
  • Carrot, cut into small chunks
  • Fennel, cut into smallish slices
  • Parsnip, cut into small chunks
  • Veg stock (9 meals from anarchy, uncorrupted)
  • Peas or green beans (for serving) 
  • Spring onions (for serving)
  • Grain of choice



Melt butter and oil in a big soup pot, add garlic, carrots, fennel and parsnip and sauté for ten minutes until veg has absorbed the butter. Add stock and water (enough to cover veg) and bring to a boil before simmering for ten to twenty minutes before blending to a creamy consistency.

When the soup is close to being ready, add in the grain of choice, peas or green beans and cook to cook within the soup. Once the grain & peas / beans are ready, pour into bowls and add the chopped spring onions on top for extra crunch and texture. If you fancy being a little more adventurous you could even add crispy home cooked kale chips or crispy seaweed, or all 3!

You can even add more crunchy veggies on top to really pack those nutrient punches in, which is great if you are on a restricted diet due to intolerances and need to find more interesting ways to fill you up at meals. 

Serve and enjoy! 


Nutrient Dense Body Repairing Soup

This soup really packs a nutrient dense punch and is perfect for those in the deepest state of curing and repairing as it contains many vegetables that bolster much needed vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, chlorella, chromium, not to mention it's packed full of enzymes.

Immune Boosting:




Adrenal Boosting:





Sweet Potato

Boosted Gut Function: 

Sweet Potato




There is a common theme to all of my recipes...I make them up! I go by look, smell and taste making giving amounts to you difficult, so just play around until you get the taste you like. I like my soup to taste lovely and creamy and buttery but don't generally weight or measure so go with what tastes good to you :)


15g Naturli (vegan butter than tastes and melts just like real butter)
Extra virgin olive oil
1/4 celeriac chopped
3 carrots chopped
1 large sweet potato (equivalent to 4 small)
50g vegan stock (9 meals from anarchy, uncorrupted)
Fresh filtered water
1 whole broccoli chopped
1 whole cauliflower chopped
1 bag of kale, torn into small pieces
1 large courgette chopped
Pink Himalayan salt


Melt butter and oil, throw in chopped celeriac, carrots and sweet potato and sauté for ten minutes until veg has fully absorbed butter and oil. Add stock and water (enough to cover veg) and bring to a boil before simmering for ten minutes. Add chopped broccoli, cauliflower, courgette and kale, mix well and top up with water (enough to just cover the veg). Simmer for a further ten minutes and then blend, serve and enjoy.

For additional nutritional value, and a grain aimed at boosting the adrenals and therefore energy levels, add cous cous to the pan once the soup is completely cooked. Leave it to cook in the hot soup for ten minutes before serving and enjoying.

Lentil & Coconut Soup

This soup is packed full of foods that boost your immune system, improve gut function (important in keeping your bodies natural defences up) and give your body energy whilst supporting cell growth. And the best bit is, it’s SO easy.

Immune Boosting:

Garlic is a big player in helping keep your body’s immune system healthy and strong. We’ve all eaten raw garlic at the onset of a bug, nasty but effective, right? Did you know that raw garlic also increases the number of T cells in the blood, which fight virus and reduce the length of time you feel symptoms?

Limes contain vitamin C, but they also contain polyphenols which help to regulate your immune responses. Regulation of immune response is required to protect us from autoreactive T cells. T cells protect us against infection and so it’s important that we protect them!

Ginger not only tastes wonderful, it sooths on many levels. It is naturally warming, acts as a natural decongestant, sooths coughs, colds and upset stomachs.

is another vitamin C punch packer. It's also packed with antioxidants and beta carotene which may increase the infection-fighting ability of our immune systems.

Red chillies are incredible health boosters. They contain lots of vitamin A and C (nutrients which can boost the immune system) and capsaicin which can help clear congestion and phlegm.

Shallots contain allicin, a natural antibacterial and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Keeping inflammation at bay is essential to good immune function, healthy gut function, healthy adrenals and good energy levels.

Improving Gut Function:

Lentils play multiple roles. They help regulate existing cells and grow new ones, which improve the function of the immune system. They also improve gut function, boost adrenals and are a great source of protein.

Energy Boosting:

Coconut milk is one of my favourite good fats. Good dietary fats are essential to giving our bodies energy. They support cell growth, protect our organs and help keep us warm. Good fats are also essential in helping our bodies absorb nutrients from all food we eat.



It’s tough for me to write this recipe down as I made it up and generally just throw it all in the pan, but here goes…

1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 large shallot
1 large chunk ginger (thumb sized)
1 fresh lemongrass
6 garlic cloves
I red chilli, deseeded
1 litre vegan bouillon (or your stock of choice)
125 grams red lentils
125 grams yellow lentils
1 450g tin of full fat coconut milk
1 chopped leek
1 lime if you cannot find fresh lemongrass
Salt & pepper to taste

This is super easy. I have a Ninja Chopper but a little food processor would work just as well to chop super quickly. If you have neither old fashion chopping is required.

Melt the coconut oil in the pot. Chop the shallot and chilli, grate the ginger, skin and mash the lemongrass, smash the garlic and throw it all in the pot and let it all sweat until the shallots are clear. Add the bouillon (or whatever stock you are using) and bring to the boil. Add the lentils and bring back to the boil. Once boiled turn down to a simmer and leave for 15 minutes or so until the lentils are cooked through. Add the coconut milk and leek and simmer for a further 10 minutes. Right at the end add the spinach and lime juice if using, serve and enjoy.

If the lentils are soaking up all of the bouillon liquid, add a bit more bouillon. 

Easy peasy…enjoy!

The Mind Body Connection Made Simple

In its most simplistic explanation, the Mind Body Connection is the relationship to behaviours, habits, conditioning and early life environment that shapes our perception of the world around us, ourselves, the way we view relationships, health, wealth and more. Our childhood, how we were raised, talked to, treated, whether we received unconditional love and acceptance or rules that restricted our ability to feel completely free, completely individual, completely ‘me’.

Connections to events leading up to conception even can affect the way in which we develop, health and behaviour / attitude wise. The world in which we were born into affects us even more and those affects go on to develop our perceptions, our world views and, our health and wellness, and not just our health but our ability to live happy, free, abundant lives. This is the way functional growth and development of body and mind, and perception work, and to change it is to change all you ever believed to be true about yourself, your parents, family, friends, strangers, the world itself.

Unconditional Love & Acceptance for life long health and wellness

When we enter this world, via our mother’s womb, the two things we require more than anything else are pure unconditional love and acceptance, and if we receive those two things, without limitation, we develop beautifully healthy, gland blossom and grow as they are meant to and health and wellness flows freely through us, but what if that wasn’t our first experience of the world, then what happens to our vital glands and organs during this key phase of a child’s development? That’s all very dependent on the experience received in the first five years of life. if the way you were treated was in anyway less than one of pure unconditional love and acceptance, growth can become abnormal. If it was to lead you to believe, from your viewpoint of little to no context that you were less than good enough just as you were, then the first gland to become affected is the pineal gland, closely followed by the pituitary as energies of a ‘not good enough’ nature sit firmly upon these two vital glands for growth and development. Love is the other most crucial factor in development and whether it was unconditional, because to the child with no context, anything other than pure unconditional love and acceptance is ‘unlovable’ energy, I am not accepted as I am therefore, I cannot be loveable. And that energy sits firmly upon the hypothalamus. And so right from the very beginning, growth and development is affected in some way.  

What do I mean by the contextless child?

When we are below the age of eight, we learn by what we see only, context does not come until the age of eight when the brain develops its ability to filter what it sees through a more focused point of view, largely by way of developing the logical part of the brain, or right brain thinking, therefore giving meaning to what it sees. Below this age, all a child experiences is the experience itself, dad yelled at me, I must be ‘bad’, ‘I was told to be quiet’, my words must be meaningless, ‘I was punished for yelling, or for crying’ emotions must be put away else I’ll lose my parents love and the safety that love offers me. Punishing a child for the purpose of expressing oneself can and will lead to suppression of emotions. If I emote, I get punished, if I get punished, I’m not loved, if I’m not loved I’m not safe in the world, as the contextless child knows only love and safety, or on the flip, panic over the loss of those two elements of its basic survival. And once those thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not accepted’, ‘I’m not lovable’, ‘I’m not safe’ are in the child’s mind, they stay there, rooting themselves more and more firmly into its consciousness, where they stay, controlling that child for life, or until Mind Body Connection work is begun to relief stress, anxiety, pain, illness or disease from the body, as a body whose glands were told they were not good enough or not lovable will always deteriorate to some level or degree sooner or later. And this is before we even talk of those root childhood energies going on to be triggered over and over throughout our lives, magnetising us to the same energy over and over.

Change brings peace, unconditional love and the acceptance you needed all along

To change these beliefs is critical work for anyone suffering with chronic illness, pain, disease or who otherwise feels a little lost, unsure of themselves and their place in the world and / or who, no matter what they try, cannot find a sense of peace and happiness. It retrains your brain, your neural pathways, your mindset and eventually your thoughts and opinions on all things and so please do reach out for a confidential, free, half hour consultation if you feel this is an area of your life that you would like to explore.

Peace and love
Enlightened Life xxx

The Impact of Emotions on Hormone Development

Emotional energies will destroy the very nature of your body if they are left untouched for any great length of time, and by this I simply mean that the body will not be able to grow and develop as it is designed to do when emotional energies of a nature other than pure unconditional love and acceptance are how we think of and view ourselves (you can read more on the this here).

Love thyself, blossom, bloom and grow

For hormone production and fertility to be in a healthful working condition, self-love and acceptance have to be part of the structure of all that you hold true, and by that I don’t mean that you knowingly love yourself, I mean that energetically you show yourself that love each and every day, that the narrative in the background of your being is positive, filled with positivity, hope and love. If that isn’t the nature of your internal narrative, if you have poor self-talk, self-blame, if you dislike yourself, shame yourself, feel embarrassed for being you or any of the many negative ways in which we humans self-talk, it is common that hormone imbalance and fertility issues will be part of your physiology. To say that infertility is an unexplained disease is a fallacy of human nature, modern medicine and a world of people that do not understand the very nature of their true makeup. We are body mind and spirit, we house 55 trillion cells that make up the human body and that co-depend on each other for signals, messages, triggers, responses and growth and development, and therefore health and wellness. If your mind is repeatedly telling your body a story of lovelessness, of blame and hatred, that body can and will respond in the same negative way, and a body that is not loved will not grow and flourish and blossom and bloom as it’s designed to.

The evolutionary impact of negative self-talk

So, if you have been diagnosed with fertility issues, PCOS, endometriosis or any other issue of a reproductive nature ask yourself, how do I feel about myself, really truly feel about myself? Do I love myself unconditionally or do I dislike myself, even a little? A body that is being told over and over that it is useless, to blame for problems all around it, that it’s not good enough or even lovable is a body that will cease the ability to reproduce. Why? Survival of the species. A person’s thoughts determine the body’s evolutionary place in the fabric of reality; if weakness is what you are, weakness must be dissolved from the species, and it’s as simple as that. So, how do you feel about yourself? How healthy is your self talk? Do you dislike yourself, and if so, why? Because you can change it all, easily and quickly. You can progress to health, happiness, vitality and reproduce as many times as you so wish if the way you view yourself and your body are pure, loving and unconditional. Take it from someone who detested themselves, whose perception of the world from a young age was bleak and who developed hormone imbalance at age 8, infertility at 18 and perimenopause at 37. It really is that simple, good self-talk or destructive self-talk?

Proportional relevance isn’t a thing when it comes to negative self-talk

The internal voice doesn’t have to be vile and toxic, the simplicity of the false narrative that runs within us versus the destruction it causes are not always proportional to each other. One can be tiny, a simple ‘I really don’t like how I look and would do anything to be thinner, fuller, more pretty’, the other hormone imbalance and infertility as the species is designed to be strong, agile, healthy, pretty even (although more in the sense of evolutionary ways of attracting a mate for reproductive purposes over being seen to be beautiful the way we are now conditioned to see our own beauty).  

Proportion has little to do with it. Energy, words, a glance in the mirror once too often are all it takes sometimes. As woman, the simple act of comparing ourselves to other woman tells our evolutionary genes that we’re not good enough to reproduce, and that alone can cause fertility issues, and definitely PCOS as this is the core energy I remove from woman with a diagnosis of PCOS.

In darkness comes light, in stillness, knowledge

So today, sit down in stillness or in meditation and ask yourself, do I like myself? Do I really like myself? Would anyone else who heard my internal storyline think they were the words of someone who truly, deeply liked or loved themselves? And if the answers are no, make the commitment to yourself to make the changes needed to improve your self-talk, your storyline, your body, your health, your fertility.


I offer half hour consultations to chat through self-talk, getting deep into what yours is, so please do reach out to book if you feel this is something you would like to explore.


Peace and love

Enlightened Life xxx

Depression; A Disease Of Thought, Not Mind

The very notion that something as self-destructive as depression can come from mind only is futile to me. And if it coming from mind only makes no sense to me, medication, CBT and other types of depression treatment also made no sense to me.

We all have a mind, yet we don’t all experience depression. Why is my mind different to any other mind? What makes me so unique that I can so easily fall into depression, even if nothing in my life at all is ‘wrong’. If I’ve been perfectly happy and content right up until the moment the fall happens? OK yes, it could be my serotonin or dopamine levels, but I work with people whose serotonin or dopamine levels are off and they don’t fall easily into a depression so deep, thoughts of not existing anymore so easily pop into their minds – note ‘popping into mind’, as the thoughts have to come from somewhere else before they enter mind. So where do they come from, and why are so many of us so very different from far higher numbers of others? And why therefore is depression treated as a disease of the mind when the thought came from somewhere else before appearing in mind?

Thoughts are transitory, mind is always present

To make this point a little clearer, how often have you said the words ‘I just had a thought’, or ‘I’ve just thought of something’. In a moment in time a thought it transitory, it is not always there, it is temporary. Yet my mind is always present, always active, always responding to sensory perceptions all around me. I can still my mind, quiet my thoughts and so my mind and my thoughts must be separate in some way, they cannot be the same, they cannot be of the same place, so where do thoughts come from?

Thoughts are preconceived ideas of the environment we were raised within

Again, sit with this for a moment. I have thoughts, you have thoughts, but our thoughts are very likely very different. If we were both asked a question it is very likely we would both respond with completely different thoughts and opinions on it, and so thoughts are preconceived from the experience of life we have had. And if that is true, they can be changed, they can be positive over negative, happy over depressed, vibrant over lethargic.

Feelings of hopelessness and despair, a life lived that you can't ever get back

Thoughts can be rewired, emotional energies cleansed, mindset remapped to positive and depression healed cured and repaired, but to do so takes courage, conviction, belief that you deserve to be free of it, for the belief of being helpless to it, useless generally, hopeless even runs rife through all who despair in the garden of depression.

  • 'Life is pointless'
  • 'I am worthless'
  • 'I don't deserve to be happy'
  • 'Happiness is for everyone else, not for me'

To free yourself from the depths of depression you have to believe there is more for you than your current reality. That you are worth at least something, that you are not helpless and hopeless. If you can get yourself to the point where you see some kind of chance of recovery, or life lived, you can be healed of it completely.

I offer free 30 minutes chats to determine the level of commitment you have to yourself and your wellness journey. If this is something you are keen to explore, please reach out to book, and consider the words I am using here, if you feel committed to yourself as that is key, you are the healer, I merely guide, heal energy, listen. Commit to yourself and you can have all you wish for and desire and so much more.

Peace and love

Enlightened Life xxx  


Stress & Disease

Don't Settle for 'Managing' Stress

When someone comes to me saying 'I'd like to better manage my stress levels', my first question is always why. Why manage something? Why learn to live with it when you can get rid of it completely, heal on all levels and create the life you've always wanted? I've never once had anyone answer that as there is no reason at all. Modern medicine is set up to 'manage', holistic, natural and energy medicine is set up to heal.

So why heal, rather than manage from stress? We have been conditioned to believe that stress is a natural state for us. That in this modern world there is nothing to do but swallow a pill, but the absolute opposite is true, to 'manage' the stress on our body, adding pharmaceuticals to it only acts to increase the overall stress load on the body, thus creating even more acute states of dis-ease. Stress is not something we have to live with, it's not something we have to manage. Unless you have a sabre tooth tiger chasing you 24/7 there is absolutely no good or healthy reason why we should live in a state of fight or flight, otherwise known as stress.

Why should we heal rather than manage stress? While the stress response is a normal, and a much needed function for our bodies, being constantly stressed is making us sick, and it's making us more sick than we've ever been before. 

  • Stress is the number one killer today. It is responsible for 80% of illnesses and is linked is to the top 6 biggest leading causes of death; heart disease, cancer, lung disease, liver disease, suicide and accidents.

  • Stress has been labeled the health epidemic of the 21st century yet it has become the normal state of being for most of us. We are the most materially comfortable mankind has ever been yet our modern lives, full of opportunity, have us anxious, stressed and exhausted.

  • At an atomic level there is only disease, stress. Why manage something like this when you can heal your body and mind completely? 


Why are we so stressed?

Fear. Fear of the past (depression), fear of the future (anxiety) fear of the present (job, home life, relationship, the news and mass media). Fear is the emotion that sets off the stress response - remember the sabre tooth tiger? Fear & survival. If you've read my page on emotional energy cleansing then you have an understanding of how emotional energy becomes 'stuck' in us, and how this emotional energy starts to control our thoughts and behaviours, and essentially our environment. When these emotional energies are triggered (by say, someone making us feel insignificant) we go back to that small child who was made to feel insignificant, and we enter fear again, and in doing so we set off our stress response, and when this happens enough we stay in stress response.

Nutrition is another reason why we are so highly stressed now, more so than ever before. We rarely eat food anymore. You are told you are but unless it has come from the ground, unless it has living properties, it is not food. Processed, heated, refined, names on ingredients lists that can't be pronounced, sugar in everything, corrosive and combustible chemicals sprayed onto healthy food growing on farmlands by men in biohazard suits. If we want food, pure, untouched food just as it used to be we now have to pay an excess for organic, which is nothing more than real food before the men in biohazard suits sprayed it.

So what is stress? 

Stress is your body's way of responding to any kind of danger or threat. When you sense danger—whether it's real or imagined—the body's defenses kick in and activate the "fight or flight" part of the autonomic nervous system, aka the sympathetic nervous system, which is our body's way of protecting us. We needed this when threats of being eaten by lions and tigers were an every day reality, when we needed our bodies to be agile to respond to the threat to save our life, but we no longer live with the threat of lions and tigers eating us and yet we are more chronically stressed than ever before, in fact, as I've said before, we are dying from stress. 

Stress and our internal environment:

Human beings are an intrinsic community made up of 50 trillion cells, all talking to each other in some way, ensuring the system, the community, is healthy and flourishing. Each and every single one of those cells is intelligent beyond basic comprehension as proven by an experiment conducted by renowned Biologist Bruce Lipton whereby he put identical cells in a petri dish on one side of a table, and healthy food over on the other side of the table. He left the room briefly, giving the cells time to react and when he returned he found that the cells had moved toward the food. He then did the same experiment using toxins instead of healthy food and when he returned, he found the cells had done all they could to move away from the toxins. This is because there is a basic law of attraction and repulsion within out cells. When a cell is presented with something that is required for it's growth and reproduction, it will move toward it, when it is presented with a signal that threatens it's life, it will move away (growth vs protection). Cells will go back and forth based on the perception of their environment. The brain is also a part of this community and, as you are thinking your cells are reacting with growth or protection movements based on the environment they are being exposed to. This means if you're thinking, 'I don't know how I'll get through this meeting today, I'm so unprepared', 'my boss will think I'm no use', 'what if they all judge me', 'what if I'm no good', 'I am no good!', 'I look so fat and ugly and grotesque today', 'I can't believe I slept in, I'm so late, I don't have time to eat, I might get sacked', your cells start to go deeply into retraction, into protection and therefore into the stress response where adrenalin and cortisol course through the body, and when we think these thoughts every single day, we keep ourselves in the constant state of threat and therefore protection mode - stress. When we are in this constant state of stress our cells aren't able to grow and they can't reproduce (which they have to for health and vitality), meaning disease comes. It takes us longer to heal, especially when insomnia becomes our common bed fellow; we aren't sleeping and so we aren't regenerating whilst we sleep and so our cells become even more stressed and toxic and on and on we go, until we are so exhausted, so fatigued, so unwell we can't go on much longer without the aid and support of medication, which them puts even more of a toxic load on our already stressed cells.

Stress' impact on disease:

The simplest way to explain stresses impact on disease is to say that whilst our bodies are in fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) they cannot also be in rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system). They cannot be in 'growth' and 'protection' at the same time. Our bodies use huge amounts of energy when stressed, and they also use huge amounts of energy to function normally, regenerate and grow. If we are constantly stressed all of our energy is going into this stress response - to keep us fighting, running, protecting - we become deplete, we have no energy left to fuel our bodies normal functions as all of our energy goes into our arms and legs. Why? so we can run! The stress response was only supposed to be used in times when we needed to run to survive, and with all the energy in our arms and legs others systems such as the digestive system and the immune system go into retraction. They have no energy to function, hormonal issues arise, our organs start to struggle, anxiety and depression appear (did you know that +70% of the serotonin we need is produced in our gut?)and more and more symptoms ailments and disease follow.

Stress' impact on the immune system:

The immune system is a highly intricate system of defence for our entire body's. It is a very expensive system to run in terms of energy required, it needs huge amounts of energy to keep us protected. If we are stressed, exhausted, not sleeping well, deplete of energy, our immune systems are not functioning well. They are not protecting us. Have you ever spent the entire year working hard, and then Christmas comes, you take two weeks off work, go to visit the family and just stop. You relax...and you get sick. This is because you have been in a constant state of stress - fight or flight - your body has been keeping you 'alive' in it's mind, so when you stop 'running' your body comes out of stress response for a moment and the bugs get in because your immune system is so weak it can't protect you.

Another way to demonstrate the impact of stress on the immune system is within transplant patients. A transplanted organ is essentially a foreign object being inserted into someone's community of 50 trillion cells. This community does not recognise this foreign object and sees it as a threat and so the immune system kicks in, just as it would with any other foreign invader (bacteria, virus etc) and attacks the new organ. In order to stop the immune system from attacking the new organ (called rejection) patients are given high doses of immunosuppressant drugs and steroids - stress hormones.

I am exhausted just typing this; if you're living it, imagine how your cells feel experiencing it each and every day.


Create your stress free life

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