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Emotional Energy

What is Emotional Energy Cleansing?

I spent many years of my own chronic illness, convinced that my pain was physical. That something was wrong with my body, that something in me had broken. When emotional energy was first mentioned to me it didn't resonate at all, my body was falling apart and that had to be physical, right? I kept looking for the physical cause, the physical cure, but it never came. 

It never came because it never was and it was only when I started to remove the emotional energy and the negative limiting beliefs I had about myself that I began to feel well again, my energy levels increased and the physical parts of my body began their repair. 

Human beings are emotional beings

Human beings are made up of energy. We have energy bodies that just like our physical body can get muddy and dirty as we grow and go through life. We move energy around our bodies every second of the day; breathing, eating, laughing, crying. Have you ever been in the midst of a bad day when someone or something has made you laugh so hard that you instantly felt better? Or where you've cried yourself into an calmer, more easeful emotional state? Moving energy is not just good for us, it's necessary for our physical and mental health. Just like everything else in this physical world, emotions are energy (energy in motion) too, and so when we deal with an emotion in a healthy manner by laughing, crying, screaming, raging or venting it moves and flows freely through us. When we ignore an emotion, when we can't deal with it or don't want to deal with it, it gets stuck, and stuck energy causes blockages causing stagnant energy to accumulate until eventually our natural flow comes to a stop. When this happens, aches and pains, fatigue, sleep problems, gastro problems can all start, all before illness, disease and mental health issues start to plague us. 

We are 'programmed' from a young age to hide our emotions 

We are taught from a young age to ignore strong negative emotions; 'what are you crying for?' 'I'll give you something to really cry for', 'get up and stop crying', 'it wasn't that bad', 'stop complaining, there are plenty children out there who aren't as lucky as you', 'if you don't stop shouting X', 'be brave'. Whilst there is never any blame and our parents were only doing what they thought best, asking a child to ignore their emotions is the sure fire way to health and wellness issues as they grow, and worse than that it teaches them that emotions, vulnerability, sharing our pain, is weak and unwanted in the world they are about to become a part of, which is stage 1 of the 'mask' we all end up wearing, hiding our true selves away for fear of being seen as weak, vulnerable, pathetic or a cause for ridicule or judgement, to name just a few of the reasons why we don this mask of perpetual shame. 

An ignored emotion will become the Captain of your ship

These trapped, blocked and stagnant emotions begin to dictate our thoughts, our beliefs and behaviours, they essentially take over the driving seat of us whilst we are relegated to the back seat. They shape our belief system: who we believe we are, what we believe our worth to be, whether we believe we ARE worth something, whether we are enough. We are conditioned to believe that we don't deserve (one study showed that the average toddler was told ‘no’ on average 400 times a day versus ‘yes’ only 20 times), that we’re not good enough (how many times were you asked ‘who do you think you are?’ as a child?), we’re taught not to think for ourselves (‘just do as you’re told’) and most of us never learn how to express this emotional pain as crying and yelling are no go areas all together, even in the most open of houses parents will eventually lose patience with a 'needy' shouting child at some point, not realising or appreciating that this is the child's way of learning, of growing, of freely expressing as when a child first comes into this world it knows how to do all of these things necessary to express itself, to be noticed, to have a voice, it knows how to be needy and vulnerable, a trait that should stay with us all through life but that is beaten out of us through a childhood where parents have stopped allowing this healthy expression of needful emotions, and in doing so teaches the child that to be accepted in the world, to get by, it has to 'be brave', to 'be strong', to 'just get on with it' and to never speak of it's pain for fear of being seen. Really seen.

This conditioning teaches us to suppress rather than process and so negative emotions get trapped inside of us. We start to carry the burden of lack; a lack of love, a lack of abundance, a lack of passion or happiness, we can dislike ourselves or, like me even go as far as to hate ourselves, we learn to blame ourselves as who else is to blame for our own ability not to be brave? Of course there is no blame as we are not meant to 'be brave' or to have a stiff upper lip. We have vocal cords and tear ducts by way of expression, of release, of getting out frustrations and concerns and yet we're taught to suppress them, so where does the blame lie? Not with ourselves, that's for sure. And so we get angry at ourselves and the world. We have to work so much harder than others because we've learned we're not enough just as we are and that starts to build exhaustion, physical and mental not to mention great swathes of resentment. Things don’t come easily to us because we are controlled by fear and insecurity and eventually, this starts to manifest as pain, illness and chronic disease.

Negative emotions disrupt our mental balance, throw our bodies out of balance and stop us from finding peace of mind. When we restore emotional balance, our lives change in ways we never thought possible. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you are unsure if your situation could be caused by emotional energy, then consider if any of the following relate to you?

  • You blame yourself
  • You dislike how you look, believing you are fat, ugly, can’t bear to look at yourself in the mirror
  • You put others needs before your own
  • You feel angry, sad, irritable etc all the time
  • You lash out for no reason
  • You feel judged
  • You are unable to be vulnerable
  • You struggle to allow people to get close to you
  • You feel inferior
  • You think you are undeserving of love & affection
  • You feel childlike; unable to cope or do things for yourself
  • You have a destructive relationship with food/sex/drugs/alcohol
  • You can’t make decisions
  • Simple things feel like rejection
  • You believe yourself to be a burden
  • You have no purpose
  • You have no belief in yourself, little to no confidence
  • You easily experience feelings of shame
  • You are self-conscious
  • You are incredibly shy
  • You believe that happiness is for everyone else, but not you
  • You display compulsive behaviours
  • You put duty, role & responsibility over the needs of yourself
  • You don’t want to upset other people
  • You repress your true feelings - anger is the main one feeling you shouldn’t show or express it
  • How other people feel is your responsibility
  • You feel like you don’t belong
  • You overeat and then beat yourself up
  • You don’t feel safe
  • You feel fear
  • You believe yourself to be cruel

But you can break the cycle

You don’t need to feel like this. Suppressing your true feelings, who you truly are, putting on a brave face, a show, is exhausting and this exhaustion takes it's toll on you in some way, always. Fatigue, pain, illness, disease such as depression and anxiety, and the cycle go on.

I am here you help as you don’t have to live like this. You can change it all, take control of your thoughts, emotions, health and life. 

Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation, compassionate and confidential chat so you can find out more about I work and if I am the right healer for you. 

Much love and light always
Enlightened Life xxx

I had never had Reiki before but decided to try it after having tried medications and counselling for my depression and anxiety. After only a few sessions with Kerry I am amazed at how much my depression has lifted and I am no longer held back by anxiety. I would definitely recommend Reiki with Kerry to anyone.


I am amazed at how much better I feel, a lifetime of depression is gone, anxiety and fear a thing of the past, and as a truly amazing side effect the physical pain and discomfort I was in is also completely gone - no more neck brace! I would definitely recommend Reiki and Enlightened Life to anyone, it has given me my life back


Really restorative! Kerry uncovered a lot of current and deeper causes for the way I felt and helped me achieve a much greater sense of self-awareness and clarity. Give it a go!!


Kerry has made significant progress with my lower back and neck pain. The sessions have been undertaken in a wonderful relaxing environment and Kerry is a very warm and responsive Reiki practitioner. Highly recommend!


I have seen Kerry 3 times, and every time has been even more powerful than the last. She has managed to uncover issues in all areas of my life that I didn’t even know where there, so I could finally address them and shed the weight. 10/10!


I was really sceptical about this Reiki stuff, but I was surprised how relaxed I felt after my session with Kerry and have continued to go back as per her treatment plan suggestion. Would recommend anyone to give it a go


Reiki with Kerry is amazing, it's like learning your own internal gossip, that you had no idea was there

Scarlett, 16