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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Creating An Anxiety Free Life 

Have you tried CBT, herbs, hypnosis, anti anxiety medication, breathing, tapping, meditation and yoga or any of the many other tools available but still suffer from anxiety? Whilst these tools all have their uses, and I use many of them myself both personally and in my work with clients, until you take out the root cause of your anxiety, the negative programming causing it, they may not work and if they do they may be temporary.  

Most of the tools I have mentioned above are great ways to manage anxiety, to bring yourself down out of an anxiety attack, but when you're anxiety is so intense it stops you from living life, from leaving the house, from hanging out with family and friends, from going for the dream job because you just can't face the interview for fear of not being good enough, then they are simply just not enough. Anxiety is a complex disorder, it is so much more than a pill could ever help with and until you fully understand what it is that is causing your anxiety and remove it completely, you will spend a lifetime merely managing the symptoms of attack after attack. 

What is Anxiety?

In it's purest, most reduced form, anxiety is fear. Fear of the future, fear of what's to come, fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough.

Anxiety starts when we are knocked out of balance due to some kind of emotional trauma. When we are knocked out of balance we turn on the stress response in our body. This means we mobilise vast amounts of our bodies resources for what we perceive as some kind of threat. We turn on the sympathetic nervous system, also known as the flight or fight nervous system which gives the body a rush of stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol. Increased adrenalin in the body causes inflammation, which over a sustained amount of time will cause the body to start to slow down the metabolism. Either weight gain, and therefore more discomfort and mental stress, or dieting ensues. Dieting tells the already stressed body that famine is coming which slows the metabolism even more which starts to cause fatigue, sleep function issues, adrenal fatigue and gut problems. And on and on the merry-go-round goes. 

What causes anxiety?

As children we learn from the people around us. We learn how to behave in the world, how to be in the world. Our small brains simply need love and to be kept safe, they are not advanced enough to make rational, emotional decisions based on what they see, they simply learn from exactly what they see. 

A child who is told to stop complaining, or to stop 'blabbing' learns that what they have to say isn't important. The child who is told to stop crying learns that they're pain isn't important and isn't something that should be shown. The child whose parent doesn't have time to draw with them learns that they're not worthy. The child whose parent shows little interest in their performance learns that they are not good enough. The child who is told off and sent to their room learns that they are unlovable. 

This child then grows into an adult unaware that these subconscious programmes are playing out in their heads 24/7. The drive to have the best career with the highest salary and the most fancy suits, the drive to have the best car, to out do everyone else, is more often than not seen as arrogance. The woman who rarely shows her gentle soft side is seen as cold hearted, the man who never cries or shows any kind of emotion is seen as a mean spirited, the woman who does cry is overly sensitive, but the reality is that these programmes are running, telling them that they are not good enough, not lovable, not worthy, a baby if they cry. These believes cause them to continue to push themselves to be better and better or to push people further and further away. With the programmes running telling them these story lines, stopping them from being who they truly are underneath the mask of conditioning anxiety starts to build as they try harder and harder to make everyone else happy, reducing and ignoring their own happiness in the process. 

Why other forms of treatment might not work

When you're body is in a place of fear, of fight or flight, of stress response, the effect on the body and mind is so much more complex than just anxiety. I've already mentioned inflammation and metabolism function changes but there are also gut issues, skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, food allergies and intolerances and other environmental disturbances, sleep disturbances, aches and pains, sciatica, vertigo. The list is exhausting. A pill to quell the feeling of anxiousness or 6 weeks of CBT does not look at you as the multi-dimensional, complex being that you are. Nor does the Dr prescribing the pill take into account the knock on effect this chemical has on other parts and functions of the body. It becomes a vicious, visceral cycle of more pain, more stress, more fear. 

Why how I work is different

I work with your energy, going deep into the layers of negative emotional energy and childhood conditioning that are the root cause of your anxiety. I peel back those layers one by one, removing them, transmuting them from negative energy to positive energy. Session by session you feel lighter, more energetic, less fearful, less in physical pain. You start to notice that you are functioning in the world better, and in 2-3 months with me you have uncovered you, the real you, the one you were never allowed to be for fear that taking the mask off would leave you alone in the world. You create a new you, a vibrant, happy, healthy, balanced you. You rediscover your sparkle. 

Its not always easy, and it's not me that does the hard work. We use talking therapy, journaling, breathing, yoga & meditation. We work on mindset if that is an issue for you and we take you from a place of negativity to one of positivity. It's fast, it's relatively painless, and it's permanent. It's you, just as you were always meant to be. And it's beautiful. 

"I now feel like I can finally be myself and not be ashamed of that. My self-worth has grown massively and I’m no longer overcome with social anxiety and can be confident in the outside world and even around my friends and family, which I struggled with before. I’ve learnt how to forgive myself and others who have hurt me and can now live a happy life without that always dragging me down. Getting out of bed used to be an impossible task but now I can’t wait to start the day and enjoy life"Elleshia, anxiety & depression. 

Rediscover your sparkle

Most of my clients heal their anxiety and all other symptoms within 8 treatments, some with more severe symptoms or who are simply older and have more negative energy to remove take 12. Regardless of whether it's 8 or 12 for you, it is 8 or 12 weeks, not years, it's not a life sentence hanging over you, the threat of it coming back each and every time a new medication is prescribed or CBT alleviates it. 

Read about How I Work here 

Or contact me here for a confidential, compassionate chat about your own unique situation and how reiki and energy healing can help. 




I had never had Reiki before but decided to try it after having tried medications and counselling for my depression and anxiety. After only a few sessions with Kerry I am amazed at how much my depression has lifted and I am no longer held back by anxiety. I would definitely recommend Reiki with Kerry to anyone.


I am amazed at how much better I feel, a lifetime of depression is gone, anxiety and fear a thing of the past, and as a truly amazing side effect the physical pain and discomfort I was in is also completely gone - no more neck brace! I would definitely recommend Reiki and Enlightened Life to anyone, it has given me my life back


Really restorative! Kerry uncovered a lot of current and deeper causes for the way I felt and helped me achieve a much greater sense of self-awareness and clarity. Give it a go!!


Kerry has made significant progress with my lower back and neck pain. The sessions have been undertaken in a wonderful relaxing environment and Kerry is a very warm and responsive Reiki practitioner. Highly recommend!


I have seen Kerry 3 times, and every time has been even more powerful than the last. She has managed to uncover issues in all areas of my life that I didn’t even know where there, so I could finally address them and shed the weight. 10/10!


I was really sceptical about this Reiki stuff, but I was surprised how relaxed I felt after my session with Kerry and have continued to go back as per her treatment plan suggestion. Would recommend anyone to give it a go


Reiki with Kerry is amazing, it's like learning your own internal gossip, that you had no idea was there

Scarlett, 16