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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Creating an Anxiety Free Life

Like most other illnesses, anxiety is rooted firmly in negative emotional energies and a negative storyline we carry throughout life. A storyline that offers us suspicion, fear, worry, panic, concern over who we are, how we are seen, judged, viewed, conceptualised by the outside world.

Conditioned to fear being ourselves

In its simplest way, anxiety is a fear of being ourselves, of being truly seen, a vulnerability we are conditioned to believe to be weakness. And through this falsehood or weakness and insecurity, the perfect conditions for worry, fear and panic to grow further and further within us brings with it the very real opportunity to grow into the type of person who was once vibrant and open and loud, boisterous even, fun, to one that struggles to leave home, entering into the public domain at great risk of anxiety or panic attack striking.

But is this a normal response to stress or a self-induced state of fear over how the world outside perceives us? And if it is the latter, why does what anyone else thinks of you affect you in this way? Because the narrative playing out over and over in your conscious or subconscious minds (or both) is one of fear. Fear of judgment, of ridicule, of looking foolish, of being noticed, standing out, saying the wrong thing, being laughed at, and so on it goes, the storyline of our life looping over.

Often this comes packaged with an air of arrogance, of self-importance, ego showing the world ‘I’m OK, I can do this, I don’t fear anything or anyone’. And this can work for a while, the self-talk being dampened by ego, but at some point, even ego isn’t enough to sustain the physical damage to the body and the impact on the endocrine system, and specifically the adrenal and hormone secretory glands. Self-talk is harmful in so many ways but none more so than on the sensitive endocrine system. This system is built for the function of safety, protection, fight or flight, rest and digest. It is designed to respond to danger no matter the proportional threat that danger brings along with it. Big or small the reactions of the sympathetic nervous system are the same. These reactions, when in a normal protection versus danger situation would be fleeting, temporary, this is what the endocrine, nervous and immune functions are designed for, temporary threat. But when the threat appears to be consistent, everywhere, all around us, the impact on these delicate and vitally important functions deteriorates rapidly to the point of threat being your constant perception and that of these functions, and this is where anxiety comes from, the constant belief that threat is imminent and in this modern day and age that threat can be something as simple as popping down to M&S for the groceries.

Why evolutionary fight or flight became so embedded in modern day life

In times when threat and danger were possible, life was simple. We hunted, ate (and later) cooked, slept and reproduced and that was more or less it. Today, we work, live busy active social lives, are bombarded with messages of what we should look like, act like, think like, we’re bullied, abused, attacked, cyber bullying takes this to a whole new level each and every day, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. We are overloaded with choice and our sensory perception responds with the notion of threat and danger. When we add how our early years life affects our growth and development (from a really young age), the belief systems our environment and upbringing embed into us, the storyline that creates within us, the very true and real fear of being ourselves, of being seen for being ourselves and for putting ourselves out there only to be picked on, bullied or rejected in some way becomes the core threat or danger in our life. And it is this threat or danger the body responds to, as without the context to relate ‘danger’ to, how would it possibly know the danger was fallacy over fact, how I perceive myself to be in the world, worry about being judged over worry about being eaten alive by a sabre tooth tiger? How would it know that pumping consistently high levels of adrenalin, cortisol, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin into it would eventually eradicate the health and wellness of the body before the bullying did, and where judgement won't? It can’t, and so adrenal fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks and more soon come easily.

Flip the script

What is the solution? There is a process to this, a journey one must embark upon and once cleansed of the negative emotional energies from both early years life and all else picked up along the road of life as those conditionings became triggered repeatedly, there is one more tool to use to keep your mindset, your energy fields, your thoughts and behaviours of a healthful nature. It is so simple you may struggle to believe me but all you have to do is change the narrative. Flip the script. Stop telling yourself you're frightened of being yourself, in whatever words that narrative comes to you in, stop telling yourself you are useless, not good enough, too weak, too sensitive (a very big key word for the adrenals to respond negatively to). Stop telling yourself life would be so much easier if you never had to go out again – as what do these words tell this highly sophisticated but contextual-less function of protection? That outside is threat, danger, 'tiger', and that will be your experience each and every day, the physiological experience of a tiger coming to eat you alive.

Key words to affect change quickly

  • 'I am so sensitive', in a way that brings negative connotations as the emotional tone of the thought is also key. If you are using it to put yourself down, berate yourself or label yourself then it is the single most dangerous word to use against yourself. This one word impacts your endocrine system as a whole, specifically the adrenals, pituitary gland, hormone balance and autonomic nervous system like no other word will. Stop using it immediately.  

  • Words of ‘victimhood’. Why me, who else feels like this, I don’t see anyone else feeling like this, why is it always me, why can’t I just be normal, I’m the worst, why can’t I just be well / happy / insert word of choice. Anything at all that tells the body you are the victim. As a victim, your body will try to protect you with more threat response. 

  • Words of a 'self-blame' nature. It’s all my fault, I’m so silly, I should be able to do this, it’s my fault I can’t, only I can help myself, there’s no one to blame but me, and so on. Self-blame tells the body you are victim once more, that threat is all around you as to blame is to trigger a time in the past when you were in some kind of threat or danger - to a young child, being punished or told off for something causes them to be believe they are at fault, they are to blame, and that this action they are being punished for will result in their overall safety being threatened (love of parent lost. There is more on this in Mind Body Connection What is Emotional Energy post).

  • And finally for this short blog, words of a type that make you feel inadequate, undermined, foolish, futile, as these are all evolutionary words for, ‘I’m not good enough’ and a body that believes itself to be not good enough will always worry and panic over being seen for being who it truly is; ‘me’, ‘I’, you. 

If you keep a journal, read back through it and notice how many times words, phrases or thoughts of a type that relate to the 4 points above are in there. These are your words, your writings, your thoughts and behaviours and so if you wish to be free of anxiety for good, please, flip the script.

I offer 30-minute consultations to talk through your narrative, what it is and how deep it’s affecting your protection mechanism. If this is something you wish to explore, please do reach out to book.


Peace and love

Enlightened Life xxx

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