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Lyme Disease

The Learning’s I’ve Had From My Time With Lyme

Having suffered at the hands of Lyme Disease myself for many years, and now having worked with many beautiful people to heal them from all that was causing them to hold onto disease and infection, I’ve learned quite a few traits of Lyme Disease. First and foremost was through my own epiphany moment that Lyme is an emotional disease. With 75% or so of the global population having Lyme in them, and only 1-2% of them going on to develop chronic Lyme Disease, there has to be something in those of us that develop it chronically versus those that don’t…and that is emotional energies of (mainly) an anger nature. Anger at our parents, our childhood, our environment, the ‘world’ in which we came into this lifetime – world being all that we first knew upon birthing into this realm. 

The 'father' component

Next on the ‘top impacts’ list is ‘father’ energy. Our fathers have a great role to play in the development of whether a simple insect bite turns into a lifelong battle of lethargy, exhaustion, pain and symptom or whether it’s just another bacterium in the many bugs living within our body's. A father who is abusive on any level of the spectrum; whether it be the aggressor of the two parents, the authoritarian, the bully or the physical abuser, it makes little to no difference the severity of violence from the man we all love in our own special way. The energy of that abuse and rejection weighs heavily upon our energy field and centres, starting first at the heart and then working its way down to our gut – our liver mainly where it joins anger for the ride of our life once the final bite of most impact takes place. The gut is our solar plexus and a father who rejects us, who can’t offer us unconditional love, support or a feeling of safety can only cause degradation to the seat of our confidence, self-worth and value, not to mention integrity, and this is the main reason why the insect / tick bite, when it happens, happens with such force that we are floored by its impact at some point later in life. 

The esoteric component 

Why later in life? Because at first Lyme goes unnoticed. We don’t develop symptoms, in most cases, until many years after the first bite (there is always more than one instance, as Lyme is so prevalent now that it is impossible not to be infected many times in a lifetime) then when we do, the energies of low self-worth and value, of low self-confidence, or rejection, of a power struggle happening within our esoteric energies of Divine Feminine and Masculine – the Feminine wishing to be seen and heard, loved and protected, and the Masculine wishing to protect in a stoney, obstinate way, with such force and might that no one can ever hurt or reject us again. It is this battle more than anything that takes us by the energetic short and curlies, and once there Lyme takes it’s hold, causing degradation of liver first, then gut, then intestines, colon, womb / testes, endocrine system and finally immune system – contrary to popular belief that the immune system would have to have been hit hardest earliest. Not at all, the immune system is built to withstand an onslaught far greater than an infection and its cohorts can alone bring to us (although it is worth stating at this point that nothing is this linear, and whilst the bugs alone could not wreak havoc on our immune system, what came before had already started the degradation of our immune systems, long before Lyme was ever part of our makeup).

Found in the fossils of dinosaurs 

Why does this all over body degradation happen in this order? Because the gut is the seat of our energy bank, the vast reservoir of energy that fuels us through life, and if we are thick with negative emotional energies, weak and exhausted, lethargic and sluggish, the energy within us is ripe, toxic and exactly what Lyme and it’s cohorts desire more than anything else. And so a bacteria that could have caused little to no harm at all suddenly takes us down organ by organ, system by system, cell by cell, until we are so weak and lethargic nothing our body or modern day medicine can do to help. Antibiotics don’t touch the oldest bacteria on the planet – it’s been found in the fossils of dinosaurs but was here before that, so what on earth can a 300-year-old modern day medicine teach it that it doesn’t already know? Herbs, infrared saunas and so many more natural ways of treating it are very often ineffective too but then t’s survived more planet evolutions than humans ever will and so these things will only hold it at bay temporarily and even then, the die off alone is enough to put most people off trying – another one of its evolutionary tricks to keep you bound to it, unwilling to try to get free of it for fear of the toxicity that doing so floods the body with. What else have I learned during my time with Lyme? Food is it's main goal. The toxic energies of negative emotional energies being it's favourite, followed by the toxic energies of body dysfunction. Here are just a few of it's favourite things:

  1. Energies of digestive dysfunction and disorder
  2. Energies of ‘lack’, of any nature, lack of love, worth, value, belief…
  3. Energies of the mucosal family of micro-organisms, Lyme loves to live in mucus!
  4. Energies of pancreatic dysfunction
  5. Of gallbladder dysfunction
  6. Of spleen dysfunction
  7. And it will do all it can to ensure this perfect storm of an environment is guaranteed, such as inviting its friends in to the party too – co-infections anyone?!

To find out How I Work I invite you to read more here. Of if you would prefer to chat you can contact me here. 

Lyme Disease is one mean, tough, hard-nosed *&%£$ and it will deplete you until there is little left to deplete. If you would like to learn more about how I work to heal, cure and repair body and mind from this awful disease, returning health and wellness, joy and happiness, vitality and energy to your body, mind and spirit, please do reach out for a free 30-minute consultation. You don’t have to be spiritual at all for this to work, you just have to have a willingness to be well that is great than your willingness to remain unwell. 

With love

Enlightened Life xxx

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