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Stress & Disease

Don't Settle for 'Managing' Stress

When someone comes to me saying 'I'd like to better manage my stress levels', my first question is always why. Why manage something? Why learn to live with it when you can get rid of it completely, heal on all levels and create the life you've always wanted? I've never once had anyone answer that as there is no reason at all. Modern medicine is set up to 'manage', holistic, natural and energy medicine is set up to heal.

So why heal, rather than manage from stress? We have been conditioned to believe that stress is a natural state for us. That in this modern world there is nothing to do but swallow a pill, but the absolute opposite is true, to 'manage' the stress on our body, adding pharmaceuticals to it only acts to increase the overall stress load on the body, thus creating even more acute states of dis-ease. Stress is not something we have to live with, it's not something we have to manage. Unless you have a sabre tooth tiger chasing you 24/7 there is absolutely no good or healthy reason why we should live in a state of fight or flight, otherwise known as stress.

Why should we heal rather than manage stress? While the stress response is a normal, and a much needed function for our bodies, being constantly stressed is making us sick, and it's making us more sick than we've ever been before. 

  • Stress is the number one killer today. It is responsible for 80% of illnesses and is linked is to the top 6 biggest leading causes of death; heart disease, cancer, lung disease, liver disease, suicide and accidents.

  • Stress has been labeled the health epidemic of the 21st century yet it has become the normal state of being for most of us. We are the most materially comfortable mankind has ever been yet our modern lives, full of opportunity, have us anxious, stressed and exhausted.

  • At an atomic level there is only disease, stress. Why manage something like this when you can heal your body and mind completely? 


Why are we so stressed?

Fear. Fear of the past (depression), fear of the future (anxiety) fear of the present (job, home life, relationship, the news and mass media). Fear is the emotion that sets off the stress response - remember the sabre tooth tiger? Fear & survival. If you've read my page on emotional energy cleansing then you have an understanding of how emotional energy becomes 'stuck' in us, and how this emotional energy starts to control our thoughts and behaviours, and essentially our environment. When these emotional energies are triggered (by say, someone making us feel insignificant) we go back to that small child who was made to feel insignificant, and we enter fear again, and in doing so we set off our stress response, and when this happens enough we stay in stress response.

Nutrition is another reason why we are so highly stressed now, more so than ever before. We rarely eat food anymore. You are told you are but unless it has come from the ground, unless it has living properties, it is not food. Processed, heated, refined, names on ingredients lists that can't be pronounced, sugar in everything, corrosive and combustible chemicals sprayed onto healthy food growing on farmlands by men in biohazard suits. If we want food, pure, untouched food just as it used to be we now have to pay an excess for organic, which is nothing more than real food before the men in biohazard suits sprayed it.

So what is stress? 

Stress is your body's way of responding to any kind of danger or threat. When you sense danger—whether it's real or imagined—the body's defenses kick in and activate the "fight or flight" part of the autonomic nervous system, aka the sympathetic nervous system, which is our body's way of protecting us. We needed this when threats of being eaten by lions and tigers were an every day reality, when we needed our bodies to be agile to respond to the threat to save our life, but we no longer live with the threat of lions and tigers eating us and yet we are more chronically stressed than ever before, in fact, as I've said before, we are dying from stress. 

Stress and our internal environment:

Human beings are an intrinsic community made up of 50 trillion cells, all talking to each other in some way, ensuring the system, the community, is healthy and flourishing. Each and every single one of those cells is intelligent beyond basic comprehension as proven by an experiment conducted by renowned Biologist Bruce Lipton whereby he put identical cells in a petri dish on one side of a table, and healthy food over on the other side of the table. He left the room briefly, giving the cells time to react and when he returned he found that the cells had moved toward the food. He then did the same experiment using toxins instead of healthy food and when he returned, he found the cells had done all they could to move away from the toxins. This is because there is a basic law of attraction and repulsion within out cells. When a cell is presented with something that is required for it's growth and reproduction, it will move toward it, when it is presented with a signal that threatens it's life, it will move away (growth vs protection). Cells will go back and forth based on the perception of their environment. The brain is also a part of this community and, as you are thinking your cells are reacting with growth or protection movements based on the environment they are being exposed to. This means if you're thinking, 'I don't know how I'll get through this meeting today, I'm so unprepared', 'my boss will think I'm no use', 'what if they all judge me', 'what if I'm no good', 'I am no good!', 'I look so fat and ugly and grotesque today', 'I can't believe I slept in, I'm so late, I don't have time to eat, I might get sacked', your cells start to go deeply into retraction, into protection and therefore into the stress response where adrenalin and cortisol course through the body, and when we think these thoughts every single day, we keep ourselves in the constant state of threat and therefore protection mode - stress. When we are in this constant state of stress our cells aren't able to grow and they can't reproduce (which they have to for health and vitality), meaning disease comes. It takes us longer to heal, especially when insomnia becomes our common bed fellow; we aren't sleeping and so we aren't regenerating whilst we sleep and so our cells become even more stressed and toxic and on and on we go, until we are so exhausted, so fatigued, so unwell we can't go on much longer without the aid and support of medication, which them puts even more of a toxic load on our already stressed cells.

Stress' impact on disease:

The simplest way to explain stresses impact on disease is to say that whilst our bodies are in fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) they cannot also be in rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system). They cannot be in 'growth' and 'protection' at the same time. Our bodies use huge amounts of energy when stressed, and they also use huge amounts of energy to function normally, regenerate and grow. If we are constantly stressed all of our energy is going into this stress response - to keep us fighting, running, protecting - we become deplete, we have no energy left to fuel our bodies normal functions as all of our energy goes into our arms and legs. Why? so we can run! The stress response was only supposed to be used in times when we needed to run to survive, and with all the energy in our arms and legs others systems such as the digestive system and the immune system go into retraction. They have no energy to function, hormonal issues arise, our organs start to struggle, anxiety and depression appear (did you know that +70% of the serotonin we need is produced in our gut?)and more and more symptoms ailments and disease follow.

Stress' impact on the immune system:

The immune system is a highly intricate system of defence for our entire body's. It is a very expensive system to run in terms of energy required, it needs huge amounts of energy to keep us protected. If we are stressed, exhausted, not sleeping well, deplete of energy, our immune systems are not functioning well. They are not protecting us. Have you ever spent the entire year working hard, and then Christmas comes, you take two weeks off work, go to visit the family and just stop. You relax...and you get sick. This is because you have been in a constant state of stress - fight or flight - your body has been keeping you 'alive' in it's mind, so when you stop 'running' your body comes out of stress response for a moment and the bugs get in because your immune system is so weak it can't protect you.

Another way to demonstrate the impact of stress on the immune system is within transplant patients. A transplanted organ is essentially a foreign object being inserted into someone's community of 50 trillion cells. This community does not recognise this foreign object and sees it as a threat and so the immune system kicks in, just as it would with any other foreign invader (bacteria, virus etc) and attacks the new organ. In order to stop the immune system from attacking the new organ (called rejection) patients are given high doses of immunosuppressant drugs and steroids - stress hormones.

I am exhausted just typing this; if you're living it, imagine how your cells feel experiencing it each and every day.


Create your stress free life

You can free yourself of stress and of all it's symptoms and negative effects on the body by working through an emotional cleansing plan with me; detoxing the body, detoxing the mind, detoxing the soul.

Most of my clients heal all symptoms within 8 treatments, some with more severe symptoms or who are simply older and have more negative energy to remove take 12. Regardless of whether it's 8 or 12 for you, it is 8 or 12 weeks, not years, it's not a life sentence hanging over you, something to constantly manage until it becomes something less manageable.

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