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Energy Healing Pricing

  • Regular Sessions - for those who require or would prefer a more gentle, slower paced approach to healing
    • First session £150
    • All sessions thereafter £95 
      • sessions last 2 - 3 hours and include energy healing followed by video call session run through
    • Children 16 and under £100 first session, £70 all sessions thereafter


  • Healing In One Sessions - for those who would prefer a more fast tracked pace to full health
    • First session £150
    • Healing In One £395
      • First session introduces your body to the energy and prepares you for the more powerful Healing In One Session


  • Group Ceremonies:
    • £35 per person, per ceremony 

All first sessions include a full energy scan, the first energy healing session, recommendations for you to take away with you and a toolkit to help you heal more quickly.

Following our initial consultation and as part of the energy scan I will be able to tell you exactly how many sessions are required and will know if Healing In One is in your best interest or if a more gentle approach would be preferable to your unique picture.


How to contact me

You can contact me using the contact form here, or if you prefer by email at



I am based in Nunhead, South East London, however I work with people all over the world with clients in Scotland, Hertfordshire, Henley-on-Thames, Manchester, Australia and Singapore, so please do not let where I am put you off contacting me. If you feel I am the right person to help you heal then location is not an issue. I work remotely via distance healing meaning I can come to you no matter where you are. I work with your energy, not your physical body. I also work with FaceTime, Skype and Zoom, so it really doesn't matter where you are. 

Get in touch

If you'd prefer to send me an email, use the form below and I'll be in touch shortly.

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I had never had Reiki before but decided to try it after having tried medications and counselling for my depression and anxiety. After only a few sessions with Kerry I am amazed at how much my depression has lifted and I am no longer held back by anxiety. I would definitely recommend Reiki with Kerry to anyone.


I am amazed at how much better I feel, a lifetime of depression is gone, anxiety and fear a thing of the past, and as a truly amazing side effect the physical pain and discomfort I was in is also completely gone - no more neck brace! I would definitely recommend Reiki and Enlightened Life to anyone, it has given me my life back


Really restorative! Kerry uncovered a lot of current and deeper causes for the way I felt and helped me achieve a much greater sense of self-awareness and clarity. Give it a go!!


Kerry has made significant progress with my lower back and neck pain. The sessions have been undertaken in a wonderful relaxing environment and Kerry is a very warm and responsive Reiki practitioner. Highly recommend!


I have seen Kerry 3 times, and every time has been even more powerful than the last. She has managed to uncover issues in all areas of my life that I didn’t even know where there, so I could finally address them and shed the weight. 10/10!


I was really sceptical about this Reiki stuff, but I was surprised how relaxed I felt after my session with Kerry and have continued to go back as per her treatment plan suggestion. Would recommend anyone to give it a go


Reiki with Kerry is amazing, it's like learning your own internal gossip, that you had no idea was there

Scarlett, 16