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Kerry Fyans, Founder, Soul Healer, Energetic Life & Embodiment Coach

Kerry is a naturally gifted, highly intuitive spiritual energy healer. After becoming attuned to Reiki she discovered a world of spiritual healing within her that allowed her to scan energy, detect and diagnose illness and disease, hear, see and feel the energy of others, know their pain and how to heal them and so much more. 

She works with people from all walks of life with all forms of chronic illnesses who, like her, have either gone undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, untreated or mistreated by an under trained medical profession ill equipped to fully comprehend the complexities of the human body and mind and together we restore the body and mind's natural state of health and wellness, returning it to full homeostasis and harmony and in the process restoring them to the happy vibrant people they have always been capable of being. 

When Kerry began progressing down this path of spiritual healing she awakened parts within her she had no idea were even possible and in line with all that she now is, she works to bring full health and wellness to those suffering chronic conditions, or to heal, cure and repair those who no longer trust the medical profession to help them. She will be also be launching courses and retreats later in 2021 catered to aligning people with all they wish for and desire in this lifetime and has introduced Divine Feminine / Masculine Embodiment Coaching bringing woman back into Divine alignment with their true essence.

Kerry could not be more thankful, blessed and in awe of all that she continues to receive and become on this path she has found herself on, healing, curing, repairing, awakening and enlightening all who seek her out, truly embodied in her own worth and value and offering this out to all who come to her for help and guidance. 

Why I call myself an evolutionary coach 

We all evolve in our lives, we grow, we mature, we age, but what I teach you to do is to evolve into a happy human being. One who loves themselves enough to stop and think about their behaviours and actions, to see those behaviours for what they are and to make the bold and brave decision to remove the mask of conditioning, to show your true self, first and foremost to yourself, and then to others. To see yourself for all that you are, perfectly imperfect just as you are without the constraints pushed upon you by your childhood conditioning, and I show you how this conditioning has caused your chronic or debilitating health concerns, or how it has caused you to sleepwalk through life.

With this knowledge you evolve all that you are, all that you think and feel, how you behave toward yourself and to others, how you eat, how you relax, how you work, how you have fun, how you live, relate to others, talk to yourself and others and so very much more. 

You evolve into the true you, the one you'd always been underneath the fear, shame, guilt and trauma, and you become healthy and happy and learn just how to remain that way through the truest evolution of body and mind. 

How I came to be Soul Healer

My own journey was one of pain and suffering. Just like you I suffered chronic and debilitating illness and no matter how many different doctor's and specialists I saw, no one could help, diagnose or treat me. I was offered countless medications for my many and growing list of symptoms. I didn't sleep, poop or have any menstrual flow. I had become allergic to all but frozen white fish and peeled white potato. I lived with constant and debilitating nausea. I had brain fog and severe memory problems and for a completely mature adult woman of 5' 7" I barely weighed the same as a child. And yet nothing was done to help me. In fact in my last GP visit I was told that I was so sick I would eventually develop cancer and that is when I should return to the surgery as that is when the NHS would be able to help me.

Which just blew me away...

To tell someone still in the prime of life (I was 38 at this point) that there is nothing that can be done to help them, that they must simply allow the body to complete it's withering and when it's all withered away and at its most sickest, one area of illness will then be treated, the area the body wouldn't have had, had it had been treated for the earlier symptoms, just blew my mind. 

And it got me thinking, how many other people has allopathic medicine failed in this way? Most if not all of my clients have stories of woe with the medical profession and yet the human race still relies so heavily on it. We are a race filled with illness and disease, getting sicker and sicker.

And it was this cold harsh realisation that took me on a path of discovery, first to find the cause of my own suffering, then to cure it, then to help others, and in the process I found a world that I never knew was even possible. I found that health and happiness are our birth right, that no illness or disease can survive in the body if the environment it is given is cleansed and pure and that genes do not control our fates. I found that everything is energy and that energy is always of a pure nature, that it is our thoughts and behaviours that turn it toxic and that by cleansing and changing those thoughts and behaviours all illness and disease can be completely eradicated from the body and mind, returning you to your purest state of being, which is healthy and well and happy.

Please reach out, I'd so very much love to hear from you

I love what I do and wouldn't change any of my journey, no matter how hard and dark it became. To have this level of understanding of the human condition, of body, mind and psyche and to use all that I went through to help others out of their own dark times was worth every step I took.

If you would like to learn more about me, my work, what Soul Healing is or anything else I talk about on my website please do reach out as I'm always here to talk, informally with no commitment to work with me.

I had never had Reiki before but decided to try it after having tried medications and counselling for my depression and anxiety. After only a few sessions with Kerry I am amazed at how much my depression has lifted and I am no longer held back by anxiety. I would definitely recommend Reiki with Kerry to anyone.


I am amazed at how much better I feel, a lifetime of depression is gone, anxiety and fear a thing of the past, and as a truly amazing side effect the physical pain and discomfort I was in is also completely gone - no more neck brace! I would definitely recommend Reiki and Enlightened Life to anyone, it has given me my life back


Really restorative! Kerry uncovered a lot of current and deeper causes for the way I felt and helped me achieve a much greater sense of self-awareness and clarity. Give it a go!!


Kerry has made significant progress with my lower back and neck pain. The sessions have been undertaken in a wonderful relaxing environment and Kerry is a very warm and responsive Reiki practitioner. Highly recommend!


I have seen Kerry 3 times, and every time has been even more powerful than the last. She has managed to uncover issues in all areas of my life that I didn’t even know where there, so I could finally address them and shed the weight. 10/10!


I was really sceptical about this Reiki stuff, but I was surprised how relaxed I felt after my session with Kerry and have continued to go back as per her treatment plan suggestion. Would recommend anyone to give it a go


Reiki with Kerry is amazing, it's like learning your own internal gossip, that you had no idea was there

Scarlett, 16